We take your business challenges and work with your knowledge experts to create solutions for the specific issues your business presents. Since we do not represent any particular hardware solutions company, our clients always get the custom solution that will work best for them, utilizing existing infrastructure where possible to minimize capital expenditures.

Logistics and Warehousing


Many clients are concerned about security, especially now that remote work and use of SAAS applications like Microsoft 360 have increased. We provide:

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Network solutions utilizing SDWAN, cloud security and web filtering programs
  • Disaster recovery architecture
  • Data center/colocation migration
  • Cloud migration planning

Network Solutions for Quality Improvement, Business Intelligence and Growth

Our manufacturing clients are interested in security, but are also interested in decreasing production time, improving quality and leveraging business intelligence tools.  We provide:

  • Modernization of network infrastructure, which allow companies to leverage IT to implement MES and business intelligence software in the manufacturing environment
  • Scalable network designs for manufacturers, allowing for future growth and application of emerging technological innovations within their factories
  • Resilient and reliable production environments by reducing equipment downtime due to network outages or maintenance scheduling

Bespoke Solutions

Some of our clients have needs that are specific to their unique business model.  For these clients we create highly custom network solutions. For example, we developed a network that enabled a client to safely and efficiently share patient images between medical facilities with differing RIS (Radiology Information Systems) and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems).